5 Reasons To Spend Your Corpus Christi Night At Flamingo’s

Visiting Corpus Christi and experiencing nightlife can be a daunting task for the first time. You will definitely end up in crazy bars with terrible food, horrifying beverages, and scary individuals if you are not careful. You can spend all night, or worse, several nights hating the concept of heading to Corpus Christi without proper planning.

The best thing to do is find a bar where nice things are served to prevent these issues. Flamingo’s, a unique nightlife bar, is located in the secret area of Starr St. For many years, Flamingo’s has been a target of numerous party and night outings. Flamingo’s –which is often referred to as an authentic pride approved bar–has proven to be one of the best bars ever.. This is why. Why is here.

  1. If you are 21 years old and just want to spend some nice time with friends, this place can be the best location for you. This is the place for your friends and family to unwind and party. Essentially, if you have a tattoo that covers half of your body, you don’t need to worry. Contrary, you would be troubled to find some friendly bouncers out if you are a man who enjoys kicking someone’s ass or provoking others into struggle. Flamingo’s is the safest place to stay for a fun night out and what attracts fresh or ordinary customers to come home.

Flamingo’s is one of the few bars which does not include a coverage charge. You can go through the door immediately if you find Flamingo’s appealing.

  1. No coverage policy sound to good to be true. Yes, that’s it. Fortunately you will fall into this trap of terribly inexpensive beverages and food. Flamingo’s has a broad variety of drinks from inexpensive beer to Vodka spirits. But if your budget is tight for the night, the quality of the beverages changes a little at various prices. You will never go wrong. Flamingo’s is famous for its pickle shots and Starburst shots and the incredibly complementary Johnny’s Jerky beers. You can also have some pretty other crazy shots here as well. Once you’re done making toasts, you will have had your nights fill. 
  2. Vibrant and thumping music can be found every night at Flamingo’s. Nightlife can be a bad experience if you’re at a place where the music that’s playing is just as lame as your mother’s morning workout playlist. There are two rooms that each have brilliant djs, which is what sets Flamingo’s club apart from other clubs. You can revive timeless hits from the 90’s and 2000’s and be nostalgic when you are an old school hip hop dancer. For the younger generation and young people, current secular music is also played.
  3. Love a semi-sports bar atmosphere? There are large TV screens inside Flamingo’s pub with ongoing live sports and exciting shows. And if you want some wonderful viewing to feed your mind, attempt to go to the background where you will certainly be pleased by the pole dancers.
  4. Even if the Flamingo club appears to be too small to hold a large crowd, many people think this is a very conducive environment for crazy social interactions and lively meetings. Expect there to be lots of crowding by the weekends. But this does not imply that you receive services that are unreserved. Everybody receives what they want by the outstanding employees. The bartenders are also very friendly and outgoing.

It’s not a bad idea to try out each bar in Corpus Christi and discover the right one for your taste. But it will be much easier to visit a pub that is the center of every nightlife, and above all it has a great reputation throughout the city. And if you want to celebrate your wedding night here you can as well, just call Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer to schedule a time to get your pictures!